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Need a short term payday loan to take care of an emergency, unforeseen bill or just to reward yourself? Get a loan from a fast and reliable payday loan lender. is a quick and secure way to get a cash advance from the privacy of your own home.

Applying and qualifying for a payday advance or payday loans Australia is quick and easy, and confidential. Once you’re approved for the payday advance, we will electronically deposit the loan directly into your checking or savings account. We offer flexible payment options and a discrete service that gets you the cash you need right now. The process is quite easy with Payday Lender; visit the
website, apply online payday loans in Australia and get instant approval.

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Robert, QLD

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Wondering how Payday Lender works?

It’s simple. You need cash, and you need it fast. You don’t want to go through a lengthy application process, pay off a personal loan over a long period of time, or have to ask family or friends if you can borrow money. A payday loan at Payday Lender allows you to get paid an amount you choose straight into your bank account as a cash advance, to be repaid when you get your next pay cheque.

The application process takes only minutes, and you can apply for payday loans Australia through the website. You’ll get a response to your application within hours. This makes a payday loan an option to consider if you are in need of extra funds quickly, such as for an emergency, medical bills, repairing or replacing electronics or appliances, to be able to take advantage of a time-limited special offer, or even to cover an extra renovation cost or work expense.

When you’re looking for a fast loan, with minimal fuss, that gets you money quickly, and has an easy online application process, Payday Lender can help you with the best Australian payday loans.

Simply fill out the form above for payday loans online in Australia and you’ll receive a response from one of our referral partners such as Cash Today within hours, and you will be notified of the status of your application. You can apply for amounts up to $5000, and if you have applied for a payday loan via Cash Today before the process is even simpler. Simply visit the members section and follow the steps.

Payday Loans | How it works

1. Consider the loan amount you will need

You can use the Cash Today repayment calculator and consider how much to borrow by viewing the repayment amounts and fees with the payday loans offered Australia.

2. Complete the simple online application

Click here to submit a quick online application form for easy and fast online payday loans Australia.

3. Check for notifications

You will be emailed a few simple steps to go ahead and activate your account with a secure code and password

4. Check for approval

Within a few hours hours you’ll recieve a status on whether you have been approved. You can also login with your new password to check the status.

5. Get paid

Once you’ve been approved, the loan amount will be electronically deposited directly into your bank account as per the Cash Today payment times processes

How easy is that!

Code of Practice/Policy on responsible lending:

Our referral partner Cash Today acts honestly and with integrity, treating all borrowers fairly and reasonably. They base lending decisions for Australian payday loans on a careful assessment of a borrower’s financial position, their ability to repay a loan, and whether the borrower’s requirements will be met by the approving the loan.

They abide by the laws in place to prohibit irresponsible lending by all credit providers. It is against the law for a credit provider to grant credit to a borrower that is unable to service the loan, or which does not meet the consumer’s needs and objectives. Cash Today will only approve payday loans where it is evident based on the information available to them, that the borrower can reasonably afford repayments over the lifetime of the loan.

They expect customers provide honest and accurate information when applying, and therefore they are in a reasonable position to make such assessments.

You can view the full Code of Practice/Policy on responsible lending here.